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Because Plot Bunnies don't die

Things to know: I'm insane and have the power to conjure up fanfics!

If you're looking for me though, this is a good place to start. Others are:
Gaia Online: Laevateinn, Augnir, deveri
MySpace: deveri_is_sissy
DeviantArt: Kiki-shinigami
FanFiction: Sissy
FictionPress: Sissy3

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I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

Name: Yon-chan
Likes: Teasing others, making disasters
Dislikes: Being forced into things
Owner: Sissy
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1st-Apr-2015 11:55 am - Reviews! Much loves!
I was asked for a page I didn't have. Took me a while to realize I should. So leave here your thoughts and love or dislove! And thank you for buying things and giving it a new home!
11th-Mar-2015 01:43 pm - MANGA SALES POST!
Decided to throw all the (used) manga I do wanna sell in just one sales post. This is long so thanks for taking a moment to see it all. Currently shipping from Puerto Rico. Shipping is not included in the price tag. Um, I take questions!

The doujin + miscellany sales post is over here: http://chibi-sissy.livejournal.com/18328.html

All the manga all the time~!Collapse )
(Haven't been in the area for such a long time ;_;)
Selling things for need of space and well, life. All of these doujins were read only a couple of times so they're still in good shape! I got them almost new and well kept and it's how I plan on selling them forward. Hope you guys are interested! There are some other things I added, just in the case that someone might want them.
Do forgive my lack of information on these. Few things to note; I'll be shipping from Puerto Rico so most of these will go through USPS unless oterwise asked for. Shipping is not included in price. I can only take PayPal. Err, can't think of anything else. I take questions!

All the sales~!Collapse )
24th-Jan-2012 05:21 pm - In Regards to the ReMake Part 1
This part will cover the story: A Tale Of An Eevee & Two Trainers

Differences between the original and the ReMake:
  1. Obviously, it's been nearly ten years so grammatically speaking, everything's changed.
  2. Name changes because it's way too embarrassing to keep the originals. The supporting female trainer's new name just honestly popped into my head during stress 'cuz I didn't know how to rename her.
  3. The story became the prequel story to an OC of mine.
  4. The hero no longer uses a hologram thingy but rather a piece of paper.
  5. The heroine actually consults with Nurse Joy about helping the hero.
  6. The heroine and supporting female trainer's first meeting dialogue is sort of reversed.
  7. The Pokemon the heroine uses in the 'bait plan' changed from a quilava and a flareon to a pikachu and a flareon. The reason for the pikachu will be explained shortly.
  8. The heroine no longer uses magic. Though I had considered leaving her with PokeSupe Yellow Forest powers before deciding against it.
  9. The heroine's parents are more of scatterbrain people and their job is a bit more explained.
  10. The ending.
Regarding Suzuka, my OC trainer:
She's sort of like a transporter. The idea I head in my head was that Suzuka usually transports Pokemon that can't get used to the official trading form and are too shy. Her personality is pretty optimistic so Pokemon naturally start liking her. Kaminari is her first Pokemon that she trained from an egg and is usually drawn as a raichu. Eh... I'll just post a link to the DA picture with more info.

Regarding the Re: in Re:ReMake
Partially just so I could say 'in regard to' in the title but also because I was looking for something to exchange the original phrase I had planned on using, which was 'ReMastered Ed'. I did a bit of info search about this term and realized it wouldn't work for this one. I might use it for another story, maybe.
17th-Dec-2011 12:29 pm - Tweety Shit and other crud
(In where I realize I saved over my most recent draft, which I really needed. Durp!)
I've been going over a twitter phase recently where I update my most recent rants through that and not LJ, which is kinda stupid since that's the reason I got LJ for (even though I keep ignoring it). Heck, I even considered packing up my shit and moving to wordpress just because I got two blogs there (of different kinds) and I could hook up my twitter account with it. (Oh my god, I'm considering it again.)

So much's been going on that I don't even know where to begin. Moving's done and gone. I eventually left the apartment walls white and me and sis drew some black tree branches with Sakura flowers on them. Very cool. We got four bookshelves from when our Borders were closing (we have non of this forsaken island now). Got new jobs, trying to just make a living for the moment and updating fanfics slowly.

Kind of like that game I talked about in DA, I've slowly been updating it on various occasions but I still don't have the most important shit, which is pictures! Oh God, pictures!!! DX

So let's jump back to fics for now. (I don't even wanna get started on originals.)
Read more on Future Projects I'm working on!Collapse )
Managed to finish. Okay. I gotta go.
10th-Nov-2010 11:53 am - Life goes on...
This is for those of you from fanfiction who remember to check here in case of new developments.

Explanation: Monday I posted late in the day (still within Monday of my time which is -4) because I woke up early at 6am traveled all day with my 'rents and was stuck at my mom's workplace until really late. (We got home at 12:30am)

Why: I'm moving. My mother's been trying to kick me out and I was working on getting water and light to the apartment. Took me three days to do that. What did I do when I couldn't get the water and electricity running? Go to the apartment to clean a few things since my grandma (previous owner, not dead) left some things we didn't need. So third day of my 6am wake up role, I'm tired from all the road trips I've been, and I've only managed one coat of paint on half of the living room. I'll post some pictures once the living room's done so hope you guys like it.

For FanFiction: Monday was a late-in-the-day post and today will be too. Why am I not posting since I've got net? Because I expertly left both my com and the back up of the fics at the apartment, thinking that I was going straight there after paying for the reconnection of water and light. Reason being that the electricity won't be running until Friday so I would've only done half a job since the first coat of paint was done with only my sis and I.

Suggestions: Are widely accepted. I've got two main large walls which will become white soon. Anyone would like to suggest what to paint on them later? The idea I gave my sis was to paint a scenery of green with a bunch of sakuras. There's this small wall under the windows of the balcony which will most likely be filled with original characters by both me and my sis.
14th-Oct-2010 03:42 pm - Regarding my fics
I don't know if anyone read my profile in FF but I place both Black King and Vampire's Family on Temporary Hiatus while I figure out what to write in them. Well, VF has more written on it than BK, currently.

Let's see, I started a fic about almost 3 months ago for the Drrr!! series and finished it so I started posting it. The title is Recluse in War and Life; sort version is Recluse. I update it MWFs and currently try to fill a ~1000 words quota per post. Since a lot of the chapters a very short, that means I have to double post to reach my quota. It's currently going smoothly considering all I'm doing is posting it. XD I will mention it when I post it, but there are two issues that I decided not to explain when the time comes. They're not necessary to know, but they were important for the plot to continue. Xd

And seeing as I seem to have suicidal tendencies with my fics, I started another Drrr!! fic. -_-;; This one is going smoothly as well and I'm starting chap10 currently. This one started because I wanted to do a violent fic. I wanted to see Mikado get abused by yakuzas and very much like this picture. The other picture that made me want to write this fic was this one. There's supposed to be violence in this fic and yet for some reason, it started going soft! DX But thankfully, around chap7, I got my groove back and returned to violence. XD Speaking of chap7, I used picture 21 in this list. It's supposed to be Izaya in the picture but I used the pose for Mikado's actions in the chapter. I'm trying to make the story have lots of sex as well. Xd Though it's mostly kinda implied... Xd

A sorta summary of what to expect in The Dragon that Falls: sex, violence, and chapters where nothing happen. I seriously tried to avoid putting in any of the good guys, but in Celty's case, it's kind of necessary to have her around since Shinra is put to good use.
31st-Jul-2010 08:37 pm - Win at Old Navy
heh heh
I just went to Old Navy today and found this awesome jersey/jacket/thing with what seriously seems to be Prussia's insignia from the flag. So I took some pictures of it. I hope you enjoy it. Xd And I apologize for showing part of my bed.

Preview of the jacket:

Click for the rest of the pictures!Collapse )

I'll try to cross post it to the APH group to show it off (as long as I didn't get it wrong).
10th-May-2009 04:42 pm - Here's to 5 more years!
So (starting from scratch since I move pages and accidentally deleted all I had written (no, the save draft is of something else)), decided to re-model my room since we decided to make a studio for the manga we have at home. Therefore, all the manga had to be taken out of my room, be put into a list, and left to the side while everything is being done. I need to start from the closet while there's still moving space in my room, then the ceiling (or before, since my dad is putting up the fan I bought), then the furniture (I already designed one side of the room, the other side is making me do some calculations...), and finally the bed (not buying a new one since I can never find the one I'm interested in). I'll show everyone a before and after image of my room (and maybe some in between). Now, as for the studio, (where my 206 titles of manga will be residing), I'm still waiting on word from my dad as to the constructor, and me and sis will be designing the inside. We already know what kind of door we want! (One of those for kids that has a black board on the other side (yes, I know, we're crazy)) Now, pictures of my 5+ years worth of collecting manga. To five more! (At which point, I'll just say, "to 10 more"!)

Pictures!!! XDCollapse )

And happy mother's day to anyone out there!
9th-Apr-2009 01:34 pm - Iowa Week 01
heh heh
Sis told me to pass the posts from the Iowa blog I did last summer and I thought that it was a good idea so here we go!!

Read more...Collapse )
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